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Colorado Physician Health Program (CPHP) – Healthy Doctors Give Better Care: 

The Colorado Physician Health Program (CPHP) is a confidential and free resource to help all medically licensed professionals in Colorado. CPHP provides true peer support (physician to physician) for all health problems and wellbeing issues such as burnout, stress from the workplace, a bad outcome or malpractice case, depression, anxiety, substance related issues, and chronic illness. CPHP provides evaluation, treatment referral, monitoring, and supportive services to safeguard your best health and wellbeing.

CPHP’s latest offering, in collaboration with Colorado Medical Society, is the Doc2Doc Wellbeing Consulting Program (Doc2Doc). Doc2Doc provides Colorado medically licensed professionals access to brief impactful consultations related to your health or wellbeing by a physician peer expert, bypassing lengthy documentation or evaluation. This service is geared especially for burnout but can assist all professionals who just need a peer to talk with. This program is free and confidential.

Be your best self and best doctor with CPHP. Healthy Doctors Give Better Care! 

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