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Nov 10, 2020

CO ACC Educational Series Episode 1

AHRQ Releases Projections for Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Conditions and Procedures
AHRQ has released a new, comprehensive report that provides trend data for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions and procedures that are among the top causes of hospital stays.  These conditions are costly and important to patients’ quality of life, and most of them are linked to prevalent chronic conditions of hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.  The report found that women tend to have lower average costs, despite higher average lengths of stay, and that women generally experience higher mortality rates for these conditions than men, despite the increased attention on screening and preventing less-prevalent breast and cervical cancers in women. This report produces hospital projections through 2012. Click on title for more.

Payer Hassle Factor Form:  
In order to render assistance to members experiencing hassles with payers, whether it is a delay in payment, inappropriate bundling, or even being on hold too long, members can file their complaints online at  This also allows us to capture these issues to document any trends that are occurring across a state or the country.

Pinnacle Practice Survival Toolkit: Click here for various tools and resources relating to practice survival and practice evolution.

PQRI:  For help in this area, we have the PQRI Wizard.   We are working to develop a marketing avenue and materials once we have the details confirmed.  We are also planning at least two webinars for members to explain what the Wizard is and how to use it.  Here is a copy of an early marketing piece still in draft form.  Stay tuned for more Advocacy Aids and responses to member and practice needs to come.

ACC Advocacy Hotline: email or call 1-800-435-9203

PQRI and E prescription Tools
2010 PQRI:

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